Compose With Me: A Marathon for Beirut
Oct 17, 2020, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EDT
YouTube Livestream


On August 4 of this year, Beirut suffered a massive explosion that devastated the country. It was the latest contribution to near-apocalyptic conditions of the Lebanese people caused by an incompetent, morally (& fiscally) bankrupt government. After over two months, the explosion has waned from the news, but its damage is still felt. 


We cannot abandon Beirut. Lebanon is resilient, but they can’t recover alone. It’s time we let them know that the rest of the world has their back now and always, not just when they're in the news. 


Join award-winning composer Nebal Maysaud on “A Marathon for Beirut” as they write a song dedicated to their home country in just 9 hours. 

This is a rare opportunity to see and engage with the creation of a new work of music in action. You will get the chance to help Nebal write the piece by making suggestions in the chat and the opportunity to learn about songwriting regardless of your level. Beginners get a first-hand look at song creation while more advanced musicians can better understand the intricacies of Arabic music, how to write for oud, and present sight-readable music to performers.  

Throughout the day, Nebal will have guest appearances and performances by some of the music industry’s leading composers, Arabic musicians, scholars, and dancers all sharing an inside look into how artists today build and engage with their community. Check the schedule so you don’t miss any of our interviews & performances. The marathon ends with a performance of the composed work by Michal Massoud and Lena Vidulich. 

Whether you're a music lover, dancer, poet, scholar, Lebanese or not Lebanese, Arab or non-Arab, American or from elsewhere, there is something in this marathon for you.

Through selling tickets, bringing people together, and calling for donations, we’re going to raise $5,000 to help the city recover. But you won’t have to walk away empty handed. Here are some special perks you get for donating: 


$35 - Your name included on the score’s dedication page

$50 - A digital copy of A Song for Beirut

$100 - Drop-in privilege. You’re free to call in for 10 minutes at any point in the livestream. 


We are going to unite our communities to uplift one another, leaving no one behind. Because as Lebanese people and/or as artists, that’s what we do. 

Beirut Aerial View